Enroll TODAY in Your Local IUSD School!

A solid education can be the most valuable foundation that a child receives in their lifetime. If your child lives in, or near an Inglewood campus why not enroll them in a district whose goal is to “ensure that all students are taught a rigorous standards-based curriculum, supported by highly qualified staff in an exemplary educational system.”

IUSD has made major strides in carrying out the core values of its mission with the delivery of district-wide programs and services in recent years that are ensuring our students are 21st Century college and career ready.

According to IUSD Director of Student Support Services Dr. James Marin, there has never been a better time to be a student enrolled in Inglewood Unified School District. “IUSD has caring counselors, principals and teachers who work hard to ensure all students have the support they need to thrive.” And with the onset of early enrollment to begin on January 26th, parents can be assured that enrollment for the upcoming school year is confirmed in advance.
Additionally, IUSD offers several Pathway option programs that give students the opportunity to engage in their education on a higher level by acquiring the skills and opportunities they need to pursue a viable profession. IUSD prepares students with a rigorous and relevant curriculum– notably in the critical fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This training puts them on par with many international competitors.

Currently, several pathway options at IUSD secondary sites are trending as schools consistently deliver high achieving graduates attending colleges such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC and Caltech. Several elementary schools offer family-friendly amenities including free before and after school child care programs and tutoring that students and parents can take advantage of. Our dual immersion educational program is well underway for students at Frank D. Parent and Worthington Elementary schools providing students with literacy and academic content in English, Spanish, and French beginning at kinder and 1st grade for a minimum of six years.
For families with special needs students, IUSD offers an exemplary, state-recognized program so you can be assured that your child receives the best care available. Inglewood Unified School District proudly carries 12 elementary schools, (three containing TK-8), two middle schools, three high schools, and one continuation school. There is also a state approved Child Development Center and a Community Adult School.
For more information on Inglewood schools, or how to enroll your children for the 2019-20 school year, contact Inglewood Unified School District Student Support Services at (310) 419-2700.